AIC Kijabe Hospital

Over the years, Denyers have donated a number of operating tables to overseas projects, one such project being the Kijabe Hospital, Kenya.

The reliability and quality of the Denyers products is testimoned by the great service these operating tables which were ‘retired’ from Australian Hospitals after twenty or more years are providing.

Below is an extract from Dr Peter Bird who is running this Mission Hospital in Kenya:

“Greetings from Kijabe!

This is just another thank you for all your invaluable help with fitting out our theatres with your excellent tables.

As you can see, after carefully unloading them, we now have a total of 8 Denyers tables servicing our 9 theatres! They are by far the best tables for our situation – sturdy, reliable, mechanical and long lasting.  

Incidentally, I was operating in Somaliland in the Horn of Africa few weeks ago and found a Denyers table up there, a Major!”

Dr Peter Bird

Head of Surgery
AIC Kijabe Hospital