Denyers appointed as sole Australasian Distributors for Allen Medical

Denyers have been selling the Allen/Amatech range of operating table accessories as an OEM line in conjunction with their operating tables now for over 12 years and have found them to be very complimentary to Denyers’ own proprietary designs.

Effective 1st June 2013 Denyers acquired exclusive distribution rights to the entire Allen range which extends it through to the Gold Standard YelloFin and PinkFin stirrups and an exciting and innovate new line of spinal surgery tables and accessories which are only available to Allen Distributors and not the OEM market.

This extension of the Allen product line complements and adds to Denyers’ existing hospital and operating theatre portfolio, providing a comprehensive equipment and service package for the operating theatre and ICU.

To provide a seamless transition, Bridget Jarrett, Product Specialist for Allen Products, has joined the Denyer team and her wealth of experience and expertise provides a great asset.

As well as product, Denyers are offering a comprehensive service programme for all Allen products, with

all service work guaranteed, provided by factory trained technicians and using only genuine Allen spare parts.  Loan units are provided whilst customers’ own product is serviced in our factory.

The range of Allen Products is on the Denyer web site or on the Allen web site