Denyers installs plastic coating plant

Denyers today announced that it has installed a new plastic coating plant which produces pressure relief cushions for use in surgical procedures.

Commenting on the installation, Production Manager at Denyers, Sean Fox, stated “This new production facility will mean that we can now manufacture cushions and other pressure relief products in a much more economical and efficient manner than previously possible. The process enables us to plastic-coat almost any shaped foam cushion and gives us great flexibility to make any mix of standard or customer-specific requirements and we can choose a density of foam to suit the application – we can even sandwich different densities of foam to produce cushions with very soft initial resistance but which contain high-density foam to prevent bottoming-out. The process renders the foam totally impervious to the ingress of fluids, meaning the risk of cross-infection is significantly reduced and the product is latex-free. We all know that the discomfort to the patient and associated financial costs associated with pressure-sores are enormous and this product should help eliminate them. I’m really excited about the potential this new product line.”