ACEM SOLED15 Examination Light

Part Number: LIG/CH/SOLF
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SOLED15 is an LED examination light for diagnostics, minor surgery and universal applications.  It can be used for intensive care, recovery room, first aid, cosmetic surgery and dental sector.  SOLED15 contains all the advantages of LED technology and is suitable for multi-purpose uses thanks to its flexibility.

The high technological level combined with the use of high-powered LEDs allow SOLED15 to have a very linear yield and a negligible performance decay for its entire life duration. Thanks to the high efficiency achieved, SOLED15 has a light intensity of 65.000 LUX (85.000 LUX with “Boost” function) and a low power consumption. The LEDs layout gives a visual comfort and produces a uniform, homogeneous and shadowless light.


  • excellent light intensity
  • IR-free light beam
  • colour temperature (CCT) of 4.500 °K
  • colour rendering index (CRI) of 95
  • long life
  • low power consumption
  • Focus control (only available with SOLED15F model)

SOLED15 has a round shape that makes it handy and functional both in use and move. Its easy-to-move structure is suitable for diagnostics, test labs and dental surgery and its easy-to-grip removable and sterilizable handle makes it suitable even for critical sanitary applications.


SOLED15 is provided with an I-Sense® touch panel to control all the functions of the lamp:

  • ON/OFF
  • Light intensity adjustment
  • Parts selection (SEL)
  • Brightness increase (Boost)

The new “SEL” function allows the selection of single parts of the light beam and the activation of the desired LEDs in a sequential way according to the requirements and needs. “Boost” function or “brightness increase” is used to obtain a maximum light intensity in case of a wide light field. This approximate 20% increase deactivates automatically after 5 minutes.


  • Ceiling mounted (single or double configuration)
  • Wall mounted
  • Trolley mounted (battery on demand)
  • Soled15F for focus control


Product Class (EN 60601-2-41)


Power supply

100 – 240 VAC – 50/60 Hz

DC voltage

24 VDC

Power consumption

16 W

Power consumption with Boost function

22 W

Light source


Average life

50.000 hrs about

Lighting at the centre, Ec @ 100 cm

65.000 Lux (85.000 Lux with Boost function)

Light adjustment

0% – 100%

Lighting area surface

63 cm

Colour temperature, CCT


Colour rendering index, Ra

4.500 °K

Index R9


Light field dimension d50@ 100 cm

> 90

Light field dimension d10@ 100 cm

12 cm

Lighting depth L1 + L2 (20%)

23 cm

Lighting depth L1 + L2 (60%)

125 cm

Light head weight

98 cm

Light head diameter

2,1 Kg

Ceiling pole and arm weight

22 cm

Wall arm weight

5,5 Kg – 8,5 Kg

Trolley weight

4,8 Kg


23 Kg


Removable and sterilisable

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