Allen® Advance Table

Part Number: AM/A-71001
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The Allen® Advance table is used for dedicated spine positioning where 360° radiolucency is required. The Allen Advance table can be used in prone or supine positions with the ability to “flip” the patient intraoperatively. The Allen design addresses the safety concerns associated with pulling the wrong pins that can result in table collapse with patient. The Allen table also utilizes a modern interface resulting in an easier to understand functions and table control. Pricing has been set to be budget-friendly to address the budget challenges of todays’ healthcare.


  • High Patient Weight Capacity – 272 kg (600 lbs)
  • Safer H-Bracket Connection – unique design ensures that the patient is safe even if the cross pin is accidently removed from the table base
  • Ultra Comfort™ Pads and Covers – optimized pads accommodate anatomy and premium materials provide pressure management
  • Interface/Display – modern design and interface improves communication and control of the table movements
  • EZ-Lock brakes -simultaneous one touch electronically locking/un-locking of all 4 casters
  • EZ-Roll Casters – adopted from Hill-Rom inpatient beds make moving the table easier
  • Integrated Support Beam – added strength and stability to Flat top



  • Our technicians are Allen certified and trained for Allen Advance Table.


Allen® Advance Table Interactive Video


  • Patient Weight Capacity: 600 lbs (272.2 kg)
  • Table Weight (without a support top):
    approximately 325 lbs (147 kg)
  • Rail Top Weight: approximately 21 lbs (9.5 kg)
  • Flat Top Weight: approximately 36.5 lbs (16.5 kg)
  • Length (retracted to fully extended):
    69″ to 109″ (175.3 cm to 276.9 cm)
  • Width: 32.5″ (82.6 cm)
  • Column Height (measured from the support top to the floor):
    26.5″ to 50″ (67.3 cm to 127 cm) (electronically adjustable)
  • Electronic Rotation: 25° clockwise and counterclockwise
    (can be locked at any point within this range)
  • Manual Rotation: 360° (can be locked at horizontal only)
  • Maximum Trendelenburg & Reverse Trendelenburg:
  • CE marked


A-71100  –  Advance Table (1)
A-71400  –  Advance Rail Top (1)
A-71300  –  Advance Prone Support Set (1)
A-71501  –  Adjustable Accessory Rail (1)
A-71502  –  Clamp for Accessory Rail (1)
A-70500  –  Arm board Rail (2)
A-70615  –  Arm Support (2)
A-70501  –  Flex Frame Accessory Rail, 6″ (2)
A-71404  –  Cervical Traction Bar (1)
A-71402  –  Advance H-Bracket (4)
A-71600  –  Advance Accessory Cart (1)
A-71410  –  Advance Flat Top (1)
A-70436  –  Advance Flat Top Pad (1)
A-71411  –  Advance Safety Straps (4)
A-71401  –  Advance Pins (8)
A-71403  –  Advance Pendant (1)
O-RSX2  –  Large Security Strap (2)
Country Specific Power Cord (1)



Allen Advanced Table Premium Package
A-71002 (including A-7001)
A-70700  –  C-Flex Head Positioning System
(includes A-70725 Reverse Starburst Adaptor)

Allen Advanced Table Complete Package
A-71003 (including A-7001)
A-70700  –  C-Flex Head Positioning System
(includes A-70725 Reverse Starburst Adaptor)
A-0800  –  Allen Bow Frame Package



A-70862  –  Foam Head Blocks (Case of 6 sets)
A-70863  –  Foam Arm Supports (Case of 6 sets)
A-71261  –  Ultra Comfort Covers, Small (Case of 6 sets)
A-71262  –  Ultra Comfort Covers, Medium (Case of 6 sets)
A-71263  –  Ultra Comfort Covers, Large (Case of 6 sets)

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