Allen® Spine System: Premium Package

Part Number: AM/A-70002
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Turn your existing OR table into a specialist spine table with easy precise adjustment of the head and cervical spine, all at a fraction of the price.

The Allen Spine System is an extension for your OR table that enables you to perform spine surgery with the positioning benefits of a stand alone spine table such as the Allen Advance Table.

The Premium Package also includes the C-Flex® Head Positioning System which can be used with headrests or skull clamps. The “squeeze and position” technology supports easy, precise readjustments of the head and cervical spine intraoperatively.

The system provides excellent C-Arm and O-Arm access, hence also gives the radiolucency benefits of a stand alone spine table. By using the power of the operating table the Spine System offers intraoperative lumbar flex and repositioning of the patient.

The small storage footprint is ideal for OR suites where storage space is at a premium. All the associated accessories adjust to fit the individual patient’s anatomy


  • Intraoperative Flex: Use the power of the table to flex and reposition the patient
  • Radiolucent Extension 1220 mm x 430 mm: Provides excellent C-Arm and O-Arm access
  • Saves Space: Stores in less than .5 sq m and accessories can be stored on the frame
  • Optimized Pressure Management: Chest, hip and head supports
  • Versatile: Prone, lateral and supine positioning
  • Range of Motion: Provides 20° lateral tilt, trend and flex powered by the OR table

  • Patient Weight Capacity: 500 lbs (227 kg)
  • Height: 25” to 38” (635 mm – 965 mm)
  • Fits OR tables with outside rail width 20” – 24” (510 mm – 610 mm)
  • XLIF® kit available
  • CE marked


A-70700 – C-Flex Head Positioning System (1)
A-70100 – Flex Frame (1)
A-70400 – Supine Top Set (1)
A-70200– Standard Wingset- Head & Chest Set (1)
A-70310 – Comfort Mask Disposables (1 Case of 5 Included)
A-70510* – Flex Frame OR Table Clamp Set (1 pair)
A-40022* – Easy Lock Socket Clamp (2)

*Specify rail type: US, EU, UK, Denyer


A-70434 – Supine Top Pads (5cm)
A-70435 – Supine Top Pads (7.6cm)




A-70310 – Comfort Mask Disposables (1 Case of 5)
A-70260 – Comfort Cover Disposables (1 Case of 5)


A-70441 – Prone Spinal Leg Pad
A-70501* – Short Accessory Rail
A-70615* – Advanced Arm Support
O-AMA97x1.0s – Clamshell Aemboard Pad (2.5cm)

*Specify rail type: US, EU, UK, Denyer

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