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Control OR™ – IPS1000A

FSN Medical Technologies has simplified surgical video management with Control OR™ – IPS1000A, a medical video integration solution that bridges the gap between imaging signal sources, and the doctors or nurses who work with these images.

IPS1000A can simultaneously handle up to 10 inputs, and distribute signals to 5 output destinations. However, it is so much more than just a video signal switch. IPS1000A actually improves video quality (analog to digital) and maintains signal integrity,with near zero latency. It is compatible with a broad spectrum of medical imaging equipment, old or new. Other capabilities include picture-in-picture configurations, image freeze, zoom, pan, and customized color settings for individual users.

With the IPS1000A system, sophisticated, high performance video processing is available at a competitive price. It focuses on efficiently managing video signals in operating rooms, surgical suites, and procedural facilities. Surgical video integration, efficiently and economically designed, does not have to take up large amounts of space or break the budget.


  • Wireless Transmitter
  • Connecting Infrastucture
  • Medical Digital Video Recorder
  • Control OR
  • Touch Screen Control Tablet
  • Universal Converter
  • Wireless Receiver
  • Medical Grade Display monitors

Wireless Transmitter
Our wireless transmitter and receiver system delivers uncompressed, 1080p/60Hz, HD video with near zero latency. Eliminate cumbersome cross-room cables or wires!

Connecting Infrastructure
FSN supplies all of the medical video infrastructure components you need, from optical fiber and wall plates, to extenders, splitters, and converters.

Medical Digital Video Recorder
Image capture and recording in full HD with one easy-to-use device. MDVR features a 1 terabyte internal hard disk to store images. Files can then be transferred to the destination of choice: DVD, Blu-ray, USB, or FTP server.

Control OR™
Designed for medical use, this image processing unit can scale, reformat, and split video signals, all from one central location. It features 10 input and 5 output capability. Control OR can even upgrade an analogue signal to digital format.

Touch Screen Control Tablet
Combine ease of use and mobility with FSN’s touch screen control tablets. Intuitive user interface designs help reduce the learning curve for medical devices that are controlled by these tablets.

Universal Converter
FSN’s universal converter accepts a variety of video input signals, then converts them for output as DVI or 3G-SDI. It offers source switching, timing selections, PIP, PBP, swap, freeze picture, and signal loop connections.

Wireless Receiver
The wireless transmitter and receiver system has options for standardizing proprietary signals and obtaining power directly from a display monitor to further reduce cords.

Medical Grade Display Monitors
FSN carries a full line of medical grade display monitors, ranging in size from 19 to 55 inch. Each display comes with an extensive list of input and output connections.

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