Easy Irrigation Tower

Part Number: AM/O-LPA
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Four independently adjustable hooks each safely support up to 10,000cc of fluid. Comfortable, quick-release knobs permit vertical adjustment of hangers from 167 cm to 259 cm. This nurse-friendly design makes it easy for personnel to operate.


  • Stable: Our tower doesn’t require sandbags or special weights to stay up
  • Nearly Effortless: Lift-Assist technology makes vertical adjustment easy
  • Simple: Spring design
    – No complicated hydraulics to fail
    – No battery to remember to charge
  • High Capacity: Holds up to 40,000cc (10,000cc max capacity per hook)
  • User-Friendly: Easy-to-reach hangers range from 167cm to 259cm
  • Convenient: Four independently adjustable hooks
  • Ergonomic: Comfortable, quick-release knobs
  • Capacity: 40,000cc (10,000cc max capacity per hook)
  • Hangers range from 167 cm to 259 cm
  • CE marked

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