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From the very beginning, FSN display monitors have been engineered to accept the widest possible selection of video signal types. This built-in compatibility benefits operating rooms and surgery facilities because FSN monitors can work with legacy equipment or the latest source technology.

During a procedure, physicians need to see a crystal clear picture, and the most accurate colours possible. This is best done with an FSN monitor that has been designed exactly for this purpose. Our own research, design, and development protocols deliver a final product that displays smooth, artifact-free images. FSN monitors quickly detect incoming signal types and use colour space settings that have been calibrated to well known surgical preferences. They can handle multiple signal inputs, offer features such as touch screen technology, and are available in a variety of screen sizes.

FSN’s large installation base is a sign of quality and reliability. Display monitors used in the surgical environment must perform when needed, including being moved around, bumped, adjusted, and cleaned repeatedly. FSN display monitors mount securely to booms and yokes, and are built to withstand the rigours of daily use in the OR.

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FSN Touch Display

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