Hug-U-Vac® Steep Trend Positioner

Part Number: AM/A-60001
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The Allen Hug-U-Vac Steep Trend Positioner is used for positioning patients in the steep Trendelenburg position for surgical procedures. It has a patient weight capacity of 500 lbs (227 kg.) The Hug-U-Vac fits standard OR tables, by securing its three integral straps to the rails of the OR table

Allen’s Hug-U-Vac Steep Trend Positioner is filled with soft microbeads that enable it to inflate and deflate evenly, when suction is applied. No continuous suction is required. After positioning the patient, deflate the device and its pliable shape conforms to the contours of the patient’s body. Allen Hug-U-Vac Steep Trend disposables cover the device completely, and enable easy clean-up to expedite case turnover. The Steep Trend Positioner should be used with Allen® Shoulder Supports to insure safety in the steep Trendelendburg position.


  • Designed for easy forearm access to IV lines
  • Patient weight capacity: 227 kg
  • Enables secure positioning in robotic procedures
  • Integral straps secure to OR table rails
  • Durable external shell comprised of smooth, waterproof, and airtight polyurethane material
  •  Valve location designed for quick access to anesthesia
  • Lightweight for easy transport, set-up, and storage
  • No continuous suction required
  • Durable vacuum valve with on/off switch and lock
  • Disposable slipcovers are waterproof for easy clean-up

Allen Hug-U-Vac Steep Trend Positioner
Device Dimensions: 116.8 cm x 106.7 cm
Device Weight: 8 lbs (3.6 kg)
Device Capacity: 227kg

Allen Hug-U-Vac Large Steep Trend Positioner
Device Dimensions: 129.5 cm x 137.1 cm
Device Weight: 4.5 kg
Device Capacity: 227kg

CE marked

Hug-U-Vac Steep Trend Positioner Set-Up from Allen Medical Systems on Vimeo.


AM/A-60001  –  Allen Hug-U-Vac Steep Trend Positioner


Allen Hug-U-Vac Large Steep Trend Positioner



AM/A-63600  –  Allen Steep Trend Secondary Supports
Required for Steep Trend Positioner

AM/O-RSX2  –  Allen Large Security Strap
Required for Large Steep Trend Positioner


Steep Trend Positioner Disposable Covers
AM/A-60101 (case of 12)

Large Steep Trend Positioner Disposable Covers
AM/A-60105 (case of 12)

Replacement C-Clip Hug-U-Vac

Yellofins Elite with Lift-Assist


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