Independant 401


Independant® Ceiling-mounting systems – for flexible equipment positioning and optimal space utilisation in operating room and intensive care unit.  The Independant® 401 is also available as a 401M which has a verticle raise and lower of the corpus.

The large cable ducts provided in its suspension arms and bearings, the Independant® 401 offers all the cabling space needed in state-of-the-art operating rooms.  Besides, the pendant system comes in a user-friendly design – all screw connections hidden, with perfectly smooth surfaces for easy cleaning.


The serial, electromagnetic passive brake of the Independant® 401, keeps the system securely in position even in the event of power failure while manual positioning – using a little more force – is still possible at any time.Thanks to the E-Brake feature, no compressed-air connection is required any longer. This means significant savings in terms of infrastructure costs.


The BrakeGuide offers a significant plus in safety and user-friendlinesE-Brake operating errors are virtually im­possible thanks to the BrakeGuide, a color-coded system that allocates each brake button unambiguously to the respective bearing. Moreover, the color mark on the bearing can be enhanced with an optional LED backlight. This allows users to check at a glance on which bearing the brake has been released. The BrakeGuide is especially useful in dark environments, thus offering a significant plus in safety and user-friendliness.


Last but not least, the Independant® 401 impresses with an optimized and simplified mounting process. Potential problem points have been eliminated for fast and hassle-free cable installation. An especially practical feature is the Plug-and-Brake System allowing the service shelf to be easily connected to the service head by way of quick-action couplings. Large mounting openings are provided on the bearings to make cable installation a fast and easy process. Besides, all cables and flexible tubes of the system have coded connectors for error-free installation.

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