KTK Comfort™ 350 Stirrup


The KTK Comfort™ 350 stirrup is designed for patients with a BMI of less than 29 with a large flexible lateral fin and can support patients up to 159 kg weight capacity.

  • Easy to clean durable silicone straps
  • Boots sized to fit today’s larger patient anatomy
  • More pressure reducing padding
  • Lightweight

KTK boots will safely accept larger legs with ¾″ of supportive boot padding.

All Comfort 350’s come standard with the durable Secure-Lok™ straps which help reduce infection control and the patented CoreGrip™ technology which makes the stirrup stronger and lighter vs other stirrup brands.

  • KTK Comfort 350 product weight: 6 kg each
  • More working space with wider abduction range and boot rotational angle
  • Lithotomy Range: +85° to –55°
  • Abduction Range: +25° to –9°
  • Boot Rotational Angle: +/-25°
KTK Comfort™ 350 Stirrup with Pads


2 x Blade Camps are Required
Options available are:

Standard Blade Clamp

AM/O-RC2        (US rail)
AM/O-RC2XD  (Denyer Rail)
AM/O-RC2UK  (UK rail)

Universal Block Clamp

OTA/1026BW-US  (US rail)
OTA/1026B  (Denyer rail)
OTA/1026B-UK  (UK rail)
OTA/1026B-EUR  (Euro rail)

Secure-Release Blade Clamp

KTEK/4100  (US rail)
KTEK/4400  (Denyer rail)
KTEK/4300  (UK rail)
KTEK/4200  (Euro rail)

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