MarLED E9i/E15 Series


The marLED E Series lights are based on 3rd generation LED technology which makes them very compact, light and efficient.The marLED “E” series surgical lights build on the strengths and reputation established by the “V” series lights but at a lower price entry-point and with the exclusion of a couple of more advanced features.


  • LED technology allows unparalleled control of the light source and light field as well as control over light temperature to highlight tissues under different conditions.
  • The Martin marLED E15  utilise 15 clusters (9 for the E9i) of 4 of the latest LEDs inside specially designed reflectors to achieve excellent light qualities for all types of surgical procedures.
  • Dimming is available down to 30% and a “backlight” function of 5% is also included.
  • LED bulbs have a life of over 40,000 hours.


  • A control panel attached to each lighthead allows full control of all functions. This panel is also located on the wall and has an additional external interface.
  • The central handle also allows the focus to be set and in addition can also switch off the lights.
  • Both sterilisable and disposable handle options are available and these are the same as for the rest of the Martin range.

marLED® E15

marLED® E9i

marLED® E9

Turbulence degree
(standard value: 37.5%)
24% 27% 27%
Power input1) 49 W 45 W 35 W
Effective life of light source 40,000 h 40,000 h 40,000 h
Central illuminance
(electric dimming from/to)
30–100% / 5% (in endo-mode)
Central illuminance
(at a distance of 1 m)
160.000 lx 160.000 lx 130.000 lx
Light fi eld diameter
(d10, distance of 1 m)
175–260 mm 170–220 mm 160–230 mm
Color rendering index (CRI)
[Ra (1-8)]
95 95 95
Battery charging time2)
(for marLED® E Battery)
2 h 2 h 2 h


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