Orthopaedic Attachment for Direct Anterior Approach (DAA)

Part Number: OE/FLOTE
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DAAFLOTE is a very practical, precise and reliable orthopaedic table extension which attaches to any standard operating table. It is portable, compact and lightweight, and the surgical team requires minimal training to use it to its full benefit. FLOTE designs out the complexity of conducting DAA surgery.


  • complete and unobscured x-rays can be taken during the DAA procedure
  • surgeons have precise control of the patient’s leg positioning required to perform the hip replacement
  • the hip can be flexed, extended and distracted, abducted, adducted, rotated and reduced without any stresses or complications
  •  effective intraoperative imaging, helps with preparation and contributes to improved control of leg length and implant placement
  • operation by an unscrubbed technician, outside the sterile zone
  • helping the surgeon deliver excellent results and allowing quicker patient recovery

With the huge savings that are being gained from the reduced LOS, DAA is increasingly being used in hospitals around the world, and is being widely adopted in the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Australia and the USA.

This video clip gives an overview of the FLOTE Anterior Approach Device in action:

Functional Specifications



Leg can be raised 200 mm above the mean position of the table

By release of beam locking mechanism and manually applying the required force – Gas spring assistance.

Traction force of up to 200 N can be applied (neutral leg position)

By rotation of handle (beam must be locked and traction enabled or traveller locked)

A traction free mode will be available at all times

By release of locking lever (to ensure no traction is applied whilst making other movements i.e lowering leg)

Leg can be moved out by up to 250mm (neutral leg position)

Manual (a central position lock may have to be released to achieve this)

Leg can be lowered near to floor level

By release of beam locking mechanism and manually applying the required force – Gas spring assistance

Foot rotation of up to +/- 180 degrees can be applied at any time

Manual, by operation lever, with locking clamp system to hold desired rotation position

Foot rotation release

Release may be controlled by friction clamp

In the lowered leg position adduction can be achieved


Adduction must be released before the beam/foot and be raised.


Basic Dimensions




Table Height

680 mm

914 mm

Crotch to Foot

640 mm

975 mm


640 mm

1000 mm



The FLOTE DAA comes as a complete unit, ready to fit directly to most operating tables, in a case small enough to be transported in an average car.


The only option you will need to select is the accessory rail size to fit your operating table;

 Rail Size


38.5 x 6.2mm

 Side Rail – Denyer

31.5 x 6.2mm

 Side Rail – UK

28.5 x 9.25mm

 Side Rail – USA

25.0 x 10mm

 Side Rail – Euro


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