QA3 Patient Emergency Trolley

Part Number: QA/21120 (Australian customers only)
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The specially designed version of the QA3 for Accident & Emergency departments is now available. It  includes an X-ray translucent platform, a medirail and the K8 pressure care mattress. Optional features include a monitor shelf and a Venturi suction system.

Innovative technology – practically applied

Using the latest technology and materials for maximum functionality, the latest generation of QA3 Patient Trolley System is ideal for patient transport, examination and intubation. The Patient Emergency model is ideal for radiography in theatre and emergency areas – it is designed for maximum ease of use combined with superior patient comfort.

Key Features 

  • 2 fixed transfusion poles
    – fitted as standard to emergency trolley
  • Patient comfort
    – exceptional low height capability and store away cotsides allow easy mount/dismount particularly for elderly patients. Wider patient platform and pressure care mattress ensure maximum patient comfort. Improved ground clearance allows better access for patient hoists
  • X Ray translucent platform
    – full length radio translucent platform suitable for digital or traditional plates
  • Infection control
    – smooth moulded surfaces and acrylic capped vac formings enclose the trolley mechanics to minimise dirt traps. Anti-bacterial properties and innovative design ensure the product is easy to clean
  • Advanced braking
    – exceptionally stable platform, advanced single bar braking system that allows all four castors to be braked simultaneously from either side of the trolley
  • K8 pressure care mattress
    – manufactured from temperature-sensitive gel feel foam that moulds to the patient’s body shape, relieving pressure by distributing the load as evenly as possible. Developed with the flexible properties of lycra, this outer material is anti microbacterial, water resistant, vapour permeable and latex free


QA3 Patient Emergency Trolley

Overall length 2130mm
Overall width 735mm
Height range (Non X-ray) 475mm to 775mm (excluding mattress)
Height range (X-ray) 520mm to 820mm (excluding mattress)
Trolley weight 148kg
Maximum patient weight 320Kg (Please refer to user manual)

Standard features

Hydraulic lift mechanism
– exceptional low height capability
Vertically operated cotsides
– giving a virtually zero transfer gap
Trendelenburg tilt
– extremely smooth and controlled mechanism
Latest castor technology
– low rolling resistance for high manoevrability
5th wheel steering
– easily guided by one person
Pushing handles
– ergonomically positioned
Gas assisted backlift
– horizontal to near vertical
Advanced braking system
– exceptionally stable platform
Fixed transfusion pole
– innovative quick release
Cylinder trough
– side loading
K8 pressure care mattress
– body mould foam, anti-bacterial and latex free
Patient utility trays
Rotating buffers
– at head and foot ends
Infection control
– anti-bacterial properties and smooth moulded surfaces

Optional Extras

*21132 200mm Castors
*21135 Reverse Trendelenburg QA3
*21138 Endoscopy – increased maximum height 100mm
21145 Emergency Venturi Suction System Complete
21151 Foot End Stop / Monitor Shelf
*21155 Fixed Pushing Handles Foot End
*21161 Spare Transfusion Pole Fixed
21172 Grey Cotside Covers
21173 Child Print Cotside Covers
*21175 Department Identification
21185 K8 Pressure Care Mattress
21186 K8 Pressure Care Mattress – zip cover
21188 Pillow – reversible
21189 Foot End Mattress Protector
*21191 Patient Storage Container
21192 Lateral Cassette Holder
21195 X-Ray Tray
*21196 X-Ray Tray Guides
21393 Oxygen Cylinder Bracket – for CD systems

*Denotes factory fitted option–please specify at the time of ordering

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