Urology Extension

Part Number: OTA/4115
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Urology extension to provide better access for Surgeon and/or C-arm.


  • 300mm extension to end of operating table
  • Lithotomy extension allows for leg section or lightweight lithotomy section to be added on
  • 300mm extension to end of operating table.
  • Inserted into sockets vacated by leg section.
  • The leg section or lightweight lithotomy section can then be inserted in turn into the lithotomy extension.


Urology extension
Please state table model this is to be used on.

Please specify rail type:

 Rail Size


38.5 x 6.2mm

 Side Rail – Denyer

31.5 x 6.2mm

 Side Rail – UK

28.5 x 9.25mm

 Side Rail – USA

25.0 x 10mm

 Side Rail – Euro



Cushion (extra cost)
Please state thickness and type of cushion construction.

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