VisualOR® enables control of the Operating Theatre video switching, lighting, cameras and associated devices to be performed from a conveniently located touch screen.  The centralised control enables staff to make changes with minimal movement around the Operating Theatre, without entering the sterile area.

It comprises three major elements of:

  • Video switching system – enabling any input to any output(s) video connections
  • Touch screen controller – typically located at the circulating nurse’s workstation
  • Communications router – to control a variety of devices in the OT.

Video matrix switching system

The modular system architecture uses separate elements connected by industry open standard communications and digital video switching. This lowers the cost of ownership by enabling more economical maintenance and upgrades. To ensure highest quality and lowest latency (delay) the core matrix switcher is dedicated solely to processing the clinical video. This concept avoids any interruption to surgeon’s video due to an issue occurring in another element, such as a problem with the touch screen controller or image capture unit.

Touch screen controller options

The VOR 12 provides a basic set of functions specifically for control of video switching and KLS Martin lights and Surgicam products. The comprehensive VOR 20, which has a broader range of functions which can be customised to suit your needs.

Video matrix switching system

The video matrix switcher connects video from each input to one or multiple output ports. This can be changed at any time using the VisualOR touch screen. Video switching is digital, providing the best imaging from contemporary medical devices. It is compatible with HDMI and DVI High Definition wide-screen standards and 3D ready.

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