Our Partners

At Denyers we are proud to supplement our own high-quality Australian produced products with a large range of complimentary product of the same high quality and innovative design from a number of the world’s leading manufacturers.


Denyers have been researching, designing and manufacturing operating tables, table accessories, cushions and padding and a range of other related lines for over 100 years.  We have a modern computer aided design centre along with a very comprehensive workshop and can investigate, design and manufacture to customer specific requirements. Most Denyer product is manufactured at our plant in Moorabbin.

KLS Martin  have a wide range of LED surgical lights and surgical, I.C.U. and E.R. pendants. KLS Martin products are manufactured in Germany.

ACEM is an Italian designer and manufacturer of a range of high quality LED examination and procedure lights. ACEM products are manufactured in Italy.

k-tek provides a wide range of lithotomy stirrups, accommodating sizes from Pediatric through to Bariatric. K.tek also provide a range of autoclavable blade clamps and radiolucent armboards.

Fisso manufacture a range of specialist armboards, tube holders, retractors and other specialist accessories. Fisso product is manufactured in Switzerland

Amatech, which forms part of the Allen Medical range of equipment, offers products such as rail clamps, through to patient support and positioning. Amatech product is manufactured in the USA.

FSN design and manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality surgical monitors, image capture and video switching equipment. FSN is based in South Korea.

Heritage Medical Products design and manufacture specialist couches for use with ultrasound. The owner of the company and chief designer is himself a Sonographer so has a very keen understanding of how these products are used. HMP products are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Richardsons Ltd manufacture a range of pressure-relief mattresses, cushions and pads specifically for the medical industry and have comprehensive design and testing facilities. Richardson products are manufactured in the U.K.

AneticAid  has a range of equipment for Operating Theatres, Day Procedure Centres, Accident & Emergency and many other hospital departments.  Anetic Aid’s core products are the QA3 Patient Trolley System and the QA4 Surgery Trolley System. AneticAid products are manufactured in the U.K

Opitek International develop, design and manufacture devices and knowledge designed to facilitate a variety of procedures in the operating theatre.    Opitek products are manufactured in Denmark.

Eco Statics provide very portable and versatile electrostatic sprayers. Electrostatic sprayers provide the user with an even and uniform coverage whilst providing a ‘wrapping’ effect to 3D surfaces.  Eco Statics are located in the U.K.

Medical PM is a company specializing in monitors, video integration, sale, preventive maintenance and installation of articulated arm, service managers and booms as well as in the medical gas maintenance.