Denyers products boast a much deserved reputation for their quality and longevity, but even the highest quality products require a level of servicing to maintain them in optimal working condition.

We offer on-site servicing for operating tables, theatre and examination lights, pendants and integrated theatre components.

For some accessories and particularly leg stirrups we recommend return to base servicing where we supply loan units for the duration of the service/repairs.

The time between services is highly dependent on type of product and intensity of usage.

For operating tables we recommend six-monthly intervals unless usage is extremely light and for most other products (e.g. table accessories, lights, pendants etc) twelve-monthly servicing is recommended.

We offer service contracts ranging from labour-only to fully comprehensive fixed-price contracts with guaranteed on-site response times, including free change-over units which are carried in our fully equipped fleet of service vans, thus guaranteeing minimal down-time.

Contact us for further information about our available services.