Urology Pan

Part Number: OTA/4008
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Douche pan for insertion into the end of a Denyers operating table for urology.

Features a stainless steel pan and sliders with pvc top for ease of cleaning.

Designed to fit these Denyer Operating Tables:

  • XRT4000 (part no OTA/4008)
  • XRT1600 (part no OTA/4008)
  • XRT4200 (part no OTA/1420)
  • XRT5000 if Urology Extension (part no OTA/4115) is used
  • XRT6000 if Urology Extension (part no OTA/4115) is used




Urology pan

Rails to fit into operating table

800mm hose for drainage
Please note drainage outlet is 25mm



Please state table model this is to be used on and the accessory rail size to fit your operating table;

Side Rails (Denyer)          38.5 x 6.2mm

Side Rails (UK)                 31.5 x 6.2mm

Side Rails (USA)              28.5 x 9.25mm

Side Rails (European)    25.0 x 10.0mm

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