Split Leg Section – Bariatric


Gas assisted split leg extensions can be individually folded down and abducted manually via a dual pivot joint.

Drops to minus 100 degrees, raises to 30 degrees, and abducts to 90 degrees allowing them to be folded back and dropped parallel to the table for improved surgeon access.

Available as Standard or Bariatric

Bariatric split leg system (pair), 825mm length.

OTA/1105 is compatible with Denyer Tables:

  • XRT4200
  • XRT5000
  • XRT6000

Ordering information:

To place order please choose 1 code from each of the 3 rows.

eg: Base Unit + Rail Type + Mattress Type
eg: OTA/1105N + RAIL/1105-US + MAT/1105-M

XRT – 4200/5000/6000
Base Unit (pair) – Bariatric
(Length: 825mm)
Rail Type (choose 1)

  • RAIL/1105-DEN
  • RAIL/1105-US
  • RAIL/1105-UK
  • RAIL/1105-EU
Pad Type (choose 1)

  • MAT/1105-M (Moulded)
  • MAT/1105-V (Visco)

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