XRT1600 – General Purpose Table


The XRT1600 series continues the Denyer tradition of high quality, reliable and well priced surgical tables which incorporate the experience and feedback gained in over 130 years of working directly and closely with health professionals.


The XRT1600 is designed for basic surgical procedures such as Gynaecological, Urological,  Orthopaedic,  Plastic, Ophthalmic and General, and is particularly well suited to day procedure hospitals.


The table is primarily controlled by a lightweight, easily read hand piece which controls height, Trendelenburg, lateral tilt, back section up/down and foot brakes.  Return-to-level is accomplished with a single button which brings all powered sections back to level with a single press.  The head and foot sections are interchangeable and manually actuated and the table can be ordered with either a single or split leg plates.

Ease of use and practicality were driving issues in design and to this end the hand control has simple, very legible buttons and all controls have large articulation ranges. All main surfaces are high quality stainless steel with a high gloss phenolic resin top surface which makes for easy and efficient cleaning.


The powered movements are actuated by an hydraulic pump driven by rechargeable batteries.  The batteries have enough capacity for several days of operations, but should the batteries ever go flat the table will operate directly from mains power.


The table has been designed to accommodate the latest surgical techniques, allowing exceptional Surgeon access and high levels of radiolucency to all parts of the body with image intensifiers.


The XRT1600 is designed to accommodate patients of up to 220kg  when centrally  positioned,  or up to 180kg in lithotomy or any other positions where the patient is significantly offset from the centre of the table.


A large range of accessories, including lightweight extensions, positioning accessories, stirrups, clamps and many others is available – please contact your local Denyer Representative or visit our web site for more information.

Denyer XRT1600

Height  620mm  (min) 980mm (max)
Width of top  522mm 570mm  incl. rails
Length of top  2055mm (81”)
Trendelenburg  35° 35° reverse Trend
Flex / reflex 225° 85°
Lateral tilt  25°
Back up / down  85° 40°
Leg up / down  30° 95°
Head up / down  40° 90°
Patient weight  220kg max 180 kg lithotomy
Hand Control for XRT1600
1 x Handset
Override hand control
1 x Handset


MAT/2047 – Visco (blue)
Visco Tri-layer Mattress
1 x 3 piece set


MAT/2046 – Moulded (Black)
Moulded slow recovery foam
1 x 3 piece set


  • Foot control
  • Infra-red hand control
  • Integrated Theatre Interface
  • Accessory Rail size
    – please specify Denyer or European or U.S. or U.K.
  • Annual Preventative Maintenance Service

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