Pressure relief for ICU patients

Posted on April 21, 2020


Covid-19 has significantly changed our world and the way we currently operate within the Hospital. With A large spike in cases worldwide, and ever increasing demand on our Healthcare system, we are seeing valiant efforts to give optimal care to patients suffering from the virus.

We are quick to consider the respiratory requirements around this virus but, in ICU, there are other significant considerations around a covid patient’s overall care.

Patient immobility, positioning and pressure relief has become a real focal point. A pressure sore can develop over a matter of hours without effective pressure relief and regular patient repositioning. At a time where human resources are stretched to their capacity, we are seeing and increase demand for reliable and effective pressure management equipment in order to limit the risk of patients developing decubitus pressure sores.

At Denyers we have a range of positioning and pressure relief Products made specifically for optimum positioning and pressure relief within ICU and the surgical theatre. We have used our state of the art pressure mapping system to discover the true risks of pressure and its effect over time, and used this research to make focused products that proactively fight against pressure while working in with the natural physiology of the body.

Our range also includes cost effective disposable options that are hugely advantageous when dealing with infection control and the fight against Covid-19. An example of this would be the OTA/3101 which is a patient specific pressure relief pad. Not only does this pad give great patient positioning, but it also offloads pressure by distributing it evenly across the patient while protecting boney prominences. Available in a range of sizes, this pad is suitable to be used throughout the time of the patients stay.

Please contact your local Denyer representative for further information on our wide range of standard and bespoke designs specifically applicable when dealing with Covid-19 patients.

OTA/3101 Pressure Care Positioning pads