Adjustable Anaesthetic Tube Holder

Part Number: FIS/2628.01
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Breathing circuit holder, articulating arm with quick central fixation.


  • The new appealing lightweight with well-proven functionality
  • Fisso articulated arm with central clamping
  • Universal circuit holder plate for breathing circuits and small cables
  • Stable rail clamping base to fasten directly to the operating table
  • Rounded-off design for easy cleaning

Plate mounted on articulating arm with single-handed adfjustment and fixation.

280mm arm length




  • FIS/2628.01 articulating arm tube holder
  • K17 circuit holder for various sized tubes
  • Integral accessory rail clamp
    Please state operating tables accessory rail size

Rail Size


38.5 x 6.2mm

Side Rail – Denyer

31.5 x 6.2mm

Side Rail – UK

28.5 x 9.25mm

Side Rail – US

25.0 x 10mm

Side Rail – Euro

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