Orthopaedic Extension Frame


The Denyer Orthopaedic Extension Frame is a flexible, easily operable system for orthopaedic and trauma surgery of the lower extremities.   It combines maximum control and precise movements of the patient’s leg with easy manipulation and maximum stability and provides optimal uninterrupted C-arm access.

The extension frame is mounted on a freewheeling trolley for ease of storage and fitting to the operating table, requiring no lifting at all and can be easily fitted by one person.

The system is specifically designed to allow substantial C-arm access to the pelvic region.

  • Hip arthroscopy
  • Unilateral hip pinning
  • Bilateral hip pinning
  • Intramedullary (IM) nailing
  • Posterior approach hip surgery
  • Lateral approach hip surgery
  • Anterior approach hip surgery
  • Tibial surgery
  • Femoral surgery


The Denyer Suspended Orthopaedic Traction Frame is designed to fit the following Denyer Operating Tables:

  • XRT4100
  • XRT5000
  • XRT6000

OE/7001 traction frame, which consists of;
2 x articulated traction arms
2 x traction boot mounting assemblies with fine traction winding devices
2 x standard traction boots (leather)
1 x telescopic stabiliser pole
1 x saddle plate
1 x saddle cushion
1 x perineal post for supine positioning
1 x flat transfer board with cushion
1 x trolley for mount/dismount to operating table and storage
1 x user guide


  • AM/A-9300 Allen boot
  • Set of perineal posts for lateral positioning
  • Tibial nailing support
  • Support for non-operative leg

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