Articulating Arm Positioner

PART NUMBER: FIS/4670.01, FIS/4646.01-E, FIS/4646.03

Articulated arms with quick central fixation for secure arm positioning during surgical interventions

Fisso Arm supports are easy to position and can be fixed securely and rapidly with a single knob. The single mechanical central tightening device enables simple and secure holding of the patient’s arm during surgery, allowing single-handed adjustment.


  • Easy handling thanks to the quick central fixation
  • Exact positioning and safe holding
  • Easy to clean
  • Modular design




  • Fisso systems are made of high-quality steel and light alloy.
  • The products can be cleaned and disinfected, but not sterilized.
  • Overall length of both sections of:
    Articulating arm = 460mm
    Arm diameter = 12mm
  • Armpad 450 x 115 x 40mm


Articulating armboard

Arm pad

The Lateral Armboard has an integrated clamp
(please state rail size of your operating table)

Armboard part numbers:
FIS/4646.01-E   Lateral armboard for Euro, UK, US rail
FIS/4646.03      Lateral armboard for Denyer rail
FIS/4670.01       Vertical armboard, all rails




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