Part Number: OTA/6420
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The LegholderRX® allows stable positioning of the foot and the leg permitting surgery in 6 different knee joint positions without it being supported in the poplitea.

Fixation is directly by Velcro belts around the OR table before prepping. This way of positioning in combination with a lateral thigh post is very helpful in open and arthroscopic knee surgery as arthroplasties, osteotomies, cruciate- meniscus and patellar surgery. It replaces an assistant. Motion at the ankle joint is free. The malleoli and the middle of the ankle joint are well palpable to set the axial alignment.


  • 6 different stable positions
  • Less assistance required when  a lateral post positioned at the middle of the thigh
  • X-ray transparent
  • Get fixed under the sterile towels

Because the LegholderRX® is made of X ray transparent materials it is always possible to use the image intensifier and make intraoperative X rays.

  • Dimensions: 490 x 240 x 200mm
  • Weight: 3kg, inclusive 2 robust Velcro belts
  • X ray transparency
  • High grade stable plastic materials
  • Resistant, latex free positioning
  • Ease of cleaning, inert against common cleaning agents
  • CE Marked


LegholderRX with Velcro straps



Curved lateral support.

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