Denyer Lithotomy Stirrups


After years of development and customer feedback, Denyers are proud to introduce our custom
designed green lithotomy stirrups which allow lift assist of up to 180kg patient weight.

Key Features

  • Patient weight of up to 180kg
  • Ergonomical squeeze and release handle positioning
  • Fin shape to protect perineal nerve
  • Pressure reducing reusable pads
  • Unisex colour green boot
  • Velcro straps to secure boot pads

The Denyer Green stirrup comes with a set of reusable pads.
Also available is the Denyer stirrup storage cart and a selection of rail clamps.

  • Patient weight capacity: 180kg
  • Device weight: 12kg (6kg per stirrup)
  • Lithotomy Range: +90° to –35°
  • Abduction Range: +30° to –15°
  • Boot longitudinal adjustment: 330mm

Denyer Green Lithotomy Stirrup

Denyer Reusable boot pads

Denyer Stirrup Cart
In-service Training
Best practice onsite training of Lithotomy stirrups

2 x Blade Camps are Required
Options available are:

Universal Block Clamp

OTA/1026BW-US  (US rail)
OTA/1026B  (Denyer rail)
OTA/1026B-UK  (UK rail)
OTA/1026B-EUR  (Euro rail)

Secure-Release Blade Clamp

KTEK/4100  (US rail)
KTEK/4400  (Denyer rail)
KTEK/4300  (UK rail)
KTEK/4200  (Euro rail)

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