Hip Fix 2015

Part Number: OPI/2015-200
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Total hip replacement is a demanding and exacting surgical technique. Advances in technologies, new materials, and biomechanics have made it increasingly important for the orthopaedic surgeon to be able to accurately orientate the implant components in a reproducible fashion. The Hip Fix provides the operating team with accurate and stable patient positioning on the operating table.

Hip Fix uses a unique 3 point fixation (crista iliaca and sacrum) to make the strong stability of the patient positioning match the surgeons need for space and manoeuvrability in the surgical field.


  • Hip Fix facilitates accurate and reproducible positioning of implant components
  • Accurate and reproducible patient and component orientation
  • Stability of patient position throughout procedure
  • Abdomen free from external pressure during procedure
  • Single use pads are latex free and tested free from allergy inducing content
  • One set (two small pads frontally and one big pad at the sacrum) is used per patient / procedure
  • Easy “click-on-click-off” functionality
  • Also available as Bariatric.

Hip Fix has more than 20 years of clinical history.

  • The single use pads are latex free
  • Tested free from allergy inducing content
  • Easy “click-on-click-off” functionality.
  • One set (two small pads frontally and one big pad at the sacrum) is used per patient / procedure.

For more information:


2 Posts for the OR table:
Article #200021 (front assembly)
and article #200026 (rear assembly).

Bariatric model also available.


Disposable Hip-Fix Pads
Set includes 2 front and 1 rear cushion
25 sets per box


Universal Clamp
2 required.
* US/EURO rail

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