Trendelenburg Positioning Kit


Single-use, non-sterile, eggshell foam positioning pad with an anti-slip backing designed to prevent patient from slipping when in steep Trendelenburg. In addition, the pad provides soft tissue and nerve protection during Robotic cases and is ideal for all lengthy procedures.


  • Includes a single use pad and a body strap that minimises set-up time and is very easy to use.
  • Molds to patient’s body, providing stability and maintains patient position throughout the procedure by preventing slippage
  • Product decreases potential cross contamination that exists with other reusable solutions
  • Supports and secures while eliminating unnecessary pressure on the neck, shoulders, or arms preventing nerve damage and pressure ulcer
  • Aids in standardizing patient positioning procedures while ensuring comfort and safety of the patient
  • Dimension: 520mm (wide) x 914mm (long)
  • 4 x Integral Velcro straps attach to standard OR table rails
  • Two-piece single use body strap included.
Trendelenburg Positioning Kit
– Includes disposable body strap
Box of 10

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