Visco Mattress XRT4200 & XRT1600


Moulded Mattress Set for  Denyer XRT1600 & XRT4200

Tri-layer foam, (top layer is slow recovery “memory” foam, middle layer is medium density polyurethane foam and bottom layer is high-density polyurethane foam to prevent bottoming-out).

Encased in surgical grade stretch waterproof Surecheck® material with heat-welded seams. 75mm thick

MAT/2047 Complete set
MAT/2048-H Head section only 522mm x 280mm
MAT/2047-C Centre section only 522mm x 652mm
MAT/2047-RB Lower trunk only 522mm x 466mm
MAT/2048-L Leg section only 522mm x 595mm
MAT/1103V Split legs, pair

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