About Denyers Table Mattresses

PART NUMBER: Types of Mattressess

All Denyer Mattresses are seam-sealed and impervious to fluids ingress.

Mattresses are available either moulded slow recovery self-skin polyurethane or multi-layer viscoelastic foam within a thermo-sealed flexible outer cover – the “Visco” range.

Moulded polyurethane

The moulded range is available for all Denyer XRT series operating tables, with separate head and leg sections and a single, hinged, centre section.  They are all 70mm thick, constructed of self-skinning slow recovery polyurethane and fix to the operating table with either Velcro® or mushroom-shaped domes that plug into the underside of the mattress and eliminate the use of Velcro®.

Visco heat-sealed multi-layer

The “Visco” range is constructed from multiple layers of viscoelastic foam (sometimes known as ‘memory foam’ or ‘slow recovery foam’), which is designed to equalise pressure at the points most at risk and compensate by varying the density and softness of the mattresses – always ensuring that the foam will not ‘bottom-out’ where there is the most weight and pressure. These foams give significantly reduced pressure readings of between 20% & 50% on standard mattresses and give substantial protection against decubitus ulcers for varying body weights and pressure points.  The seams are heat-sealed to prevent fluid ingress and mattresses are fitted with a one-way valves to assist with pressure relief.

Pressure Mapping – ensuring optimal patient care

Denyers have sophisticated pressure mapping equipment which is used to ensure all mattresses give the maximum possible pressure distribution.  As well as using this equipment in our product design, we are happy to bring the pressure mapping equipment onsite to measure your current products and discuss any improvements that could be made.

Below is a sample of an 80kg male on a 100mm Visco table mattress.

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