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The Carpa Table is a legless design with a rigid self-bracing frame.

It has a 355 x 660 mm radiolucent top for maximum access and weighs a mere 3.4 kg!

The perfect choice for carpal tunnel procedures.

Easy drop-in rail attachment. Attaches to any operating table. Includes 38 mm pad.

Outer rail requires US rail clamp for accessories


2 x Easy Lock Blade Clamp:
(choose rail type)

  • AM/A-40040 (US)
  • AM/A-40042 (UK)
  • AM/A-40043 (Japan)
  • AM/A-40044 (Denyer)



  • AM/O-AHMPT   Basic Carpa Table
  • AM/O-AHMPTP   3.8cm Pad





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