Ultra-light leg section

PART NUMBER: OTA/2056 or 2057

Optional leg sections for XRT5000 and XRT6000.

Constructed from carbon fibre with titanium accessory rails.




For XRT5000 and XRT6000 tables only

Available in two lengths:

  • 590mm – max patient weight 250kg (item weight 6.3kg)
  • 900mm – max patient weight 200kg (item weight 9kg)

Can also be ordered without rail.
Short version can be lengthened by inserting standard head section into end.

Ordering information:

To place order please choose 1 code from each of the 3 rows.

eg: Base Unit + Rail Type + Pad Type

590mm (short) 900mm (long)
Base Unit
OTA/2056N OTA/2057N
Rail Type
(choose 1)
  • RAIL/2056-DEN
  • RAIL/2056-US
  • RAIL/2056-UK
  • RAIL/2056-EU
  • RAIL/2057-DEN
  • RAIL/2057-US
  • RAIL/2057-UK
  • RAIL/2057-EU
Pad Type (choose 1)









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