Sonobed™ – Cardiac


Sonographer Jason Stassney (RVT, RDCS), understood first hand the discomfort associated with working on flat exam beds. That’s why he decided to design a bed that met the needs of both the Sonographer and Patient.

SonoBed™  custom designs offer patented features that enable Sonographers to place their patient in optimal positions and obtain the best views possible.

These beds ease strain and stress off the Sonographer and give the patient a comfortable examination experience.


  • Wedge Section™  – Standard Feature
    A built-in patient positioning wedge for patients to lay against during the exam
  • Power Drop Section™ – Optional Feature
    Designed for right hand scanning Cardiac Sonographers.  Easliy open and close the drop section with standard hand control and/or optional foot control. Allows for unobstructed apical views.
  • Head Rail – Optional Feature
  • Power Foot Panel – Optional Feature

SonoBed™ – CARDIAC

  • 330.2 mm  x 330.2 mm  Imaging Drop Section – Manual
  • 272kg Load Capacity
  • Infinite Position Electric Hand Control (Height Fowler)
  • 330.2 mm  x 330.2 mm Wedge Section.
    Manually rises up and holds patient comfortable of their left side
  • Electric Positioning Fowler
  • Powerful and fast electric height.
    Adjustable from 660.40 mm to 965.20 mm  with a 272kg Lift Capacity
  • Spacious Measurements 762 mm width x 1803.40 mm length
  • Heavy duty Steel Frame
    Painted with baked on Powder coated finish for years of durability
  • Custom designed foot Panel
  • 127 mm Total lock casters with corner bumpers.


Sonobed Sonographer’s couch
Hand control
Power cable
User guide

Your choice of upholstery colour:
(Standard colour is “Flint”)




SON/945504   Central lock casters
SON/945511     Power drop cardiac section
SON/945513    “Ergo” rails
SON/945514    Wrap-around grab rail
SON/945515    Head rail
SON/945516    Ultra-low column (20″ to 36″)
SON/945518    Foot control
SON/945571    Power wedge sections

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