Denyers expand range with new Q4 Day Surgery Trolley

With the advances in surgical procedures, Day Surgery has become a highly sought after solution for both Surgeons and Hospitals, not to mentioned the greatly improved  recovery time and convenience for patients.

Anetic Aid have been designing and manufacturing surgical tables to meet the needs of medical professionals in the UK for many years.  Recognising the tremendous attributes and reputation of Anetic Aid’s products, Denyers have formed an exclusive partnership with Anetic Aid to deliver to Australia the latest models of QA3 & QA4 Day Surgery Trolleys, manufactured to the same high standards that Denyers tables are renowned for.


Full circle:  The new QA4 Day Surgery Trolley System at the hospital where it all began.

More than 20 years ago, in collaboration with pioneering surgeon Mr Paul Baskerville, Anetic Aid developed the first dedicated, day surgery trolley at King’s College Hospital.

As explained by Doctor Baskerville:

 “I had been Registrar to Mr Paul Jarrett, one of the founders of the British Association of Day Surgery (BADS), and was convinced that Day Surgery was the way forward. Getting funding to build a new unit of this kind was a tremendous opportunity.

In order to drive efficiency, we looked at two particular aspects – the first was to have all of the nursing staff able to work everywhere in the unit on rotation, which required a specialist training programme.

The second was to find a way of abolishing the practice of transferring patients from bed to trolley, trolley to operating table etc. – and that is what led to the idea of a piece of equipment that could be both transport trolley and operating table.”

Of course, there are now dozens of dedicated day surgery units around the UK – and other parts of the world – and day surgery itself has evolved and developed over the years.

For Anetic Aid, that innovation has now come full circle, as King’s College Hospital has this year taken delivery of the latest generation of this equipment – 13 powered and 14 manual models of Anetic Aid’s QA4 Day Surgery System.

Mr Baskerville has nothing but praise for the new units:

“The new trolleys are terrific – in those early days it wasn’t possible to have things like lateral tilt and X-ray translucence.

What has made this possible is the advances in surgical practice – becoming less invasive with more key-hole surgery, improvements in anaesthesia which mean patients’ blood pressure, kidney function etc. return to normal more quickly, and our ability to manage pain more effectively.”

Denyers are now proud to offer the QA4 day surgery trolley solution to the Australian market and we look forward to assisting provide a solution for your requirements in this area.

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